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Gavagni Motoriduttori Srl business philosophy is to manufacture products for the so-called "niche market". We manufacture small to medium size units and we provide a certain amount of product customisation (on customer's request) of standard units.


Standard reduction gears can be adapted to meet the requirements of specific applications and components so to better respond to particular design and manufacturing criteria.


Custom-made reduction gears, partly or totally re-designed on the basis of customer's request, are developed to offer high performance and ad hoc solutions for specific applications, thus representing a major competitive edge.


Our products feature: sturdy construction, proper size definition, low-noise operation, high efficiency, high performance. They are compatible with all most widespread standards on the domestic market.

These significant features of our products are guaranteed by high production flexibility, which is achieved thanks to the use of NC machines and the availability of a semi-finished products stock. This allows us to manufacture specific units and components in a very short space of time and to ensure to our customers a delivery time from 10 to 30 days to supply reduction gears in the version required by them. Gavagni Motoriduttori Srl main target is to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Since long time our company works with foreign markets, both in the European Community as well as the other extra EU countries. The export percentage increased during the previous years till the value of 34% of the total turnover in the 2007. Since the 1992 we introduced a quality assurance system and in the 1994 we obtained the relevant certification. From 1994 our company continuously updated its own quality system following the last international regulation in the matter.

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