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Our bronze alloy


Gavagni Motoriduttori Srl during the year 2007 reached an exclusive commercial agreement with one of the oldest and biggest foundry in Italy as well as one of the most dynamic refineries specialized in the production of bronze alloy.
Following this synergy a very important project has been realized that it has carried to the creation of one special bronze alloy for the wheel rim in our worm geared motors. This special bronze increased our worm gearboxes dynamic efficiency in a range from 5% to 8% compared to the previous values.

All our gearboxe tipologies have been checked in the mechanical laboratory by mean of very accurate control system in one of the biggest Italian University where all the operative parameters were analized. In order to verify the accuracy of the data results all these tests were repeated different times at different environmental conditions.
The final result of all the tests were an effective gearboxes efficiency increase.
Furthemore we did a comparison between our worm gearboxes and those of the main manufacturers. Keeping the same dimensional characteristics and the same gear ratio our groups have supplied an appreciable advanced efficiency.
The increased efficiency obtained by this new alloy has carried a lower gearboxes usury and an environmental impact improvement. In particular we can definitively state that Gavagni Motoriduttori Srl strongly helps in the reduction of the energetic needs with a big improvement both in the economic aspects and in the international rules respect.
Since long time our worm geared motors have been used with very good results in sectors with high level of quality and security controls (i.e. alimentary field) and with this new innovation we have further increased such peculiarity.
Since March 2008 Gavagni Motoriduttori S.r.l. decided to use this new bronze alloy in the worm geared motors wheel rim, keeping with a very big effort its prices very competitive in the market.

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