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  • Worm reduction gears
  • Worm reduction gears “heavy” series
  • Cycloidal Speed Reducer
  • Planetary Gearboxes
  • Compact AC/DC Gear Motor
  • Parallel axis reduction gears
  • Right-angle units
  • Speed Variator
  • Shaft mounted gearboxes

All products are available in different versions (flanged, shaft- mounted gears, etc…) and cover a wide range of ratios and powers.

  • Wide range of models with different power and different reduction ratios
  • High quality motors with different type and speed
  • 16 Cr Ni 4 Pb stainless steel worm screw (hardened, cemented and thread-grinded with NC machines)
  • Nodular cast-iron hub with new bronze alloy wheel rim introduced by Gavagni Motoriduttori since beginning of 2008
  • >>>>>LINK
  • Aluminium or cast-iron body, sizes depending
  • Solid or hollow output shaft with length and diameter required by the customer
  • High quality bearings
  • Sturdy construction
  • High efficiency
  • Low-noise operation
  • Safe cooling
  • Perfect sealing effect
  • Adjustment and testing
  • Long-life lubrificant
  • Certificate of conformity

Sizes, performance and features of reduction gears and gearmotors make them compatible and interchangeable with all most widespread models currently available on the market.

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